Kids and Entrepreneurship!

Do your kids show an interest in entrepreneurship? Are they creative in their thoughts when it comes to making money or serving the world? Let’s feed this and inspire them!

If our kids realize the endless opportunities that are available to them, I’m convinced they will do greater in life. Not just financially, but emotionally. Limiting beliefs are part of our everyday life, regardless of age. The sooner they/we release these beliefs and understand they can dream big, the better!

So, how do we as parents inspire them?

Begin by opening their minds to the endless opportunities and discuss how our limiting beliefs hold us back. Give them permission to think and dream big, without judgment.

Let them know that big dreams require perseverance, the right mindset, skills, and the ability to ignore the negative noise around them. Encourage them to read, read and read. It’s a proven fact that reading has a direct correlation to financial wealth! (Did you know that Warren Buffet spends 80% of his day reading and when he started his investing career, he would read 1000 pages a day!?)

Start by brainstorming with your kids, regardless of age. Don’t judge, just let them think and speak out loud. Have them write down their current skills and talents. What do they enjoy? Let the creative juices flow.

How can they utilize those skills and talents to generate income?

Feed this process with conversations, preferably on a regular basis. Let them know you support them and you are proud of their boldness. Equally important, let them know that failure is just one step closer to success. Failure is a good thing! There isn’t one millionaire on this planet that hasn’t failed…many times!!

Enjoy the process with them.

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