How To Ditch Your Allowance and Be Richer Than Your Parents

9 Wealth Building Tools to Make a Teen Rich

Money expert Patti J. Handy delivers the must-read book for all teenagers and young adults ready to be empowered with the tools to make them money-smart, money-responsible, and money-independent. With a mission to teach teenagers about money management, youth investing and more, Patti shares insightful information in a fun and entertaining way.

What seems at first glance to be a loving message from mother to son about becoming financially responsible is so much more. In money guru Patti J. Handy’s inspiring and delightful book, How to Ditch Your Allowance and Be Richer Than Your Parents! 9 Wealth Building Tools to Make a Teen Rich, she introduces teenagers and young adults to some very important concepts guaranteed to enrich their lives and empower their decisions.

With a straightforward and highly readable approach, Handy covers such essential topics as:

  • Being well-organized
  • Learning spending habits
  • Good versus Bad debt
  • Saving strategies
  • Investments
  • Understanding the importance of Credit Scores

She also stresses the importance of acknowledging our blessings, friends, family, health, and the need to deepen our awareness of God and take responsibility for our actions. Without question, this book is the primer for everyone seeking financial freedom and success.

Book Cover for How to Ditch Your Allowance and Be Richer by Patti Handy

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4 stars out of 5ForeWord Clarion Review

Parents and the school system often leave teens sorely unprepared for the financial realities of their future independent lives, rarely discussing the topic until unfortunate, and costly, mistakes have already been made. Author Patti J. Handy, a certified life coach with a background in banking and real estate, is a mother whose goal is to equip her own son and other children with the money management skills they need to enjoy a secure and prosperous financial life.

Written in a conversational style, Handy’s book offers information, encouragement,
understanding, and just the right amount of teasing to take some of the edge off of a serious topic. Teen readers will value the author’s explanation of credit cards, good and bad debt, credit scores, saving and investing, the wisdom of preparing for life’s large purchases, and the importance of giving one’s time and money to help others.

Handy’s discussion of classifying a proposed purchase as a “need” or a “want” is especially helpful, as the topic often results in generational conflict: Parents may have a longer-range view of the benefits of delayed gratification, while teens may feel that immediate possession of the item is necessary to their social standing. The author does a good job of showing how saving or investing one’s money, rather than spending it, is the wiser choice, and she does so with numbers that can inspire teens to take a more long-term approach to their finances. Having an author, rather than a parent, make this presentation provides the distance and objectivity necessary to avoid a heated, and unfruitful, discussion.

Reviews on Amazon:

5 stars out of 5

An ideal guide for young adults

By Midwest Book Review (Oregon, WI USA), October 8, 2009

Age is no barrier to wealth. “How to Ditch Your Allowance & Be Richer Than Your Parents: 9 Wealth Building Tools to make a Teen Rich” is a guide to being an entrepreneurial young man or woman who wants to plan wisely for the future. Explaining such concepts of wise money management, investing, and how to realize that not all debt is bad debt, “How to Ditch Your Allowance & Be Richer Than Your Parents” is an ideal guide for young adults.

5 stars out of 5

Perfect Primer

By Karyn Hodgens “Money Management Educator,” September 22, 2009

An easy, quick read filled with all the information you need to get your teen on the road to financial security. The chapters are short enough for you to read first, then have your teen read. Together you can review the information. If you do this for each of the chapters, you can rest easy knowing that your child has the information she or he needs when it’s time to leave the nest…and not come back. Unless it’s a visit, of course!

5 stars out of 5

P. Mackins (Santa Barbara, CA)

I had the privilege of reading Patti Handy’s book. As a CPA and a father, I think it should be required reading for every teenager. Patti’s conversational style of presentation gives the feeling you have had a valuable talk with your favorite aunt. The fact that the information is presented is such a comfortable manner does not diminish at all from the valuable lessons to be learned. This book will help anyone be a much better manager of money. Those of my generation feel social security will most likely not be available when we need it; if today’s generation heed Patti Handy’s lessons they won’t care.

5 stars out of 5

Vital information

By Ronald B. Dubois, September 3, 2009

Patti Handy may be a Cash Coach for Teens, however her advice is sound for all age groups. I ordered her book in hopes that it would help me educate my children in sound money management. The book came yesterday and I read it cover to cover last night. “How to Ditch Your Allowance..” is chalk full of sound advice. The wealth building tools and “advice from mom” went beyond my expectations and will most certainly help my children as then implement these tactics and techniques.

Thank you Patti for sharing your insights with us!

5 stars out of 5

Great Book. Compelling overview of financial basics.

By Word Watcher, September 7, 2009

I wanted this book for my son in college, but it was a great read for me. Covers all the financial basics in an interesting, easy to understand format. Patti Handy does a great job, in not only teaching crucial information, but she presents it in a way, that makes you feel she really, really wants you to be successful; not only in finances but in all areas of life. Wish I had had this book years ago.

5 stars out of 5

I should have had this info when I was young :(

By Eric B. Larsen “E. Larsen” (Los Angeles, Ca United States), August 28, 2009

This type of information should be a required read in school! Money 101! Written in an easy to read, raw basics style, my kids had no problem absorbing it. It has sparked lively conversations about money and both my kids are now asking questions about careers, incomes and investing. I am thrilled to see they are pondering these topics when daydreaming (as opposed to video games and boys).

I highly, highly recommend it!