Become a Licensee

Are you a coach, educator, mentor, financial advisor, homeschooling parent or entrepreneur?

Have you been searching for a way to make some extra income, but also have a desire to make a bigger difference in the world? Do you love teaching and inspiring teens? Maybe you’re a financial professional looking to bring added value to your existing client base. If so, read on …

As a money coach for teens, my passion is teaching and educating teens to create the life they deserve. As a mom of a teen myself, I understand the desire of parents wanting to give their children every possible tool so that they may live a joyful, prosperous, happy and healthy life. As a business owner, I want to leave this planet knowing I touched people and made a positive difference in the world. Teaching teenagers about money and sharing teen entrepreneur ideas has become a rewarding experience for me, and you have the opportunity to do this too!

I’ve found a way to accomplish all of this and now you can too! As you may know, I have created a workshop called A Millionaire in the Making-The Biz Building Bootcamp for Teens™. In this bootcamp, teens design a business that they love, learn about marketing, websites, business plans, networking, money management and so much more. They walk out with a way to generate money immediately and are empowered with the money smarts to make that cash work for them. Teaching teens how to be “self reliant and financially successful” is my mission and I’d like to extend this program to you as well.

As a licensee of my teen program, you have the abilty to bring A Millionaire in the Making-The Biz Building Bootcamp for Teens™ to your hometown!  You will be given all the materials and tools to present this workshop and develop your own brand to teach teens. Become a coach and teach teenagers about money management and entrepreneurship!

There are many ways you can bring this fun and informative program to your hometown, including offering it as an after school program, delivering it to the Boys and/or Girl Scouts, sharing with Youth Organizations, offering to your clients’ teens, and so much more! The course includes the following:

  • Training Guide: A step by step guide that covers topics and tools to create a successful event. We cover facility ideas, pricing, sponsorships, marketing and more.
  • Bootcamp Study Guide: A PDF version of the study guide to be used in the Biz Building Bootcamp. This 100 page study guide is given to every attendee and is jammed packed with invaluable information they will reference for years. You are responsible for copying and distributing the workbook. There are two workbooks to download, one for the 3 hour/one evening bootcamp and one for the 4 week/6 hour bootcamp. These study guides can be utilized in an ‘after school enrichment program’, half day summer camp or full day camp.  As updated versions are available, these will be supplied at no additional cost.
  • DVD Learning Center: Access to the complete DVD series, The Prosperous Teen™ and the accompanying PDF downloads. This material is perfect for those that need to refresh their money smart skills. The 10 hour money school is broken down into 15 minute lessons to maximize the viewer’s retention.
  • Marketing Kit: A complete marketing system which includes: sample press releases, sample fliers, sample letters to sponsors, sample marketing piece to schools and youth organizations, and more. You have access to the Word doc version of all marketing material, so that you may customize it at your convenience.
  • Private Coaching: You will get 3 private one-on-one coaching sessions with Patti Handy. In these sessions, you will design a strategy and marketing plan to ensure a successful launch of your own bootcamp. We will cover all the material in the workbook as well and you will be coached on how to best present the material. I will teach you how to coach and mentor teenagers about money management, how they can build a business, goal setting and more.
  • Wholesale book pricing: The ability to purchase my book, How to Ditch your Allowance and be Richer than your Parents, at wholesale pricing. You may sell these books at your events, give to clients or offer in anyway you wish. Wholesale price is $8.95 per book, plus tax and shipping. 
  • Marketing support: We will post your event on our website, with links to your website for registration. You will be responsible for furnishing us all pertinent information on a timely basis. We will also promote your events via our social media outlets, which include facebook, twitter and linkedin.
  • Unlimited email support: If you’re in a pinch or have some general questions, email us and we will respond, with rare exception, within 24 hours. We will do everything possible to ensure you touch as many families as possible!


In order to know you better and assure this is a good fit, we ask that you complete a short application. After we receive the completed application, you will receive the licensing agreement to review. We will contact you within 48 hours to set up a telephone appointment with Patti Handy.

Please contact us with any questions or to view the licensing agreement.

Investment $2,995 plus $69 per month (United States)

Here’s what some recent participants of the bootcamp had to say!:

It was so much fun. I learned a lot about what to do with my money.”

“I would have never come up with my business. I would have never talked it out.”

“This is a great program. It helps you come up with an idea and then helps you accomplish it.”

“The things I learned will be very helpful, now and in the future. I will probably be referring to the binder many times.”

“Teen bootcamp was a great way to learn about business and other things. I probably wouldn’t know how to do many things if it weren’t for this camp.”

“Making a business plan and having a binder full of all the stuff I need will help me.”

“It was an amazing class”

“Patti is very knowledgeable about finances and was very friendly. I enjoyed listening to everything she told me and will put it into action.”

“This program really opened my eyes to why saving money now is important”