Patti Handy entered the Los Angeles County Public Safety Youth Program to provide financial literacy to young adults aged 18 to 24.  As the program coordinator, I expected her to give a run-of-the-mill presentation on  banking and credit 101, but it was much more than that! She provided exercises that the youth should incorporate into their daily routine to become the best versions of themselves to fully master their financial independence.  Patti showed us (I was too engaged to just watch!) how to use a gratitude journal and how to explore our “why.”  Needless to say, all of the youth participants and program facilitators were blown away by her engaging, informative and transformational approach to mastering one’s finances.  We are extremely grateful to have Patti help us transform lives.
Jay De La Rosa, MPA
Regional Business Services Manager
Los Angeles County
Workforce Development, Aging and Community Services
I had the opportunity to hear Patti Handy speak to a group of 18-24 year olds.  This audience had little to no experience with financial matters.  They soaked up the information Patti shared with them.  She was able to impart and articulate her knowledge and expertise on issues such as budgeting, mindset, goals, credit scores, etc., and how it impacts their lives and futures.  Patti’s approach to reaching the level of her audience was excellent.  She left the group wanting more so they were excited to get her book and to read more!!!
Diane L. Stone
Administrative Services Manager II,
Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department 

I enrolled in one of Patti’s workshops while in high school.  I was impressed with her ability to break down complex subjects into engaging content.  Her superb speaking ability, warm personality, and financial intellect created powerful presentations for our cohort.  Each lesson showcased actionable steps that we utilized to pursue our creative and professional goals.  These are the types of things I wish I could learn in a classroom.

Wyatt Thompson

Project Coordinator 

The Walt Disney Company

“Patti Handy provided Girl Scouts with an enlightening and informative seminar. She spoke on a level that the girls could relate to. Patti used examples that made sense to the girls, such as purchasing designer jeans, great deals on a laptop or just how much that latte or fast food lunch will actually cost you. She was energetic and kept the girls engaged throughout the seminar. Fifty years from now when these girls have a wonderful nest egg, they can look back and say ‘Thank You” to Patti for explaining the importance of compound interest and investing young. Patti’s seminar is an invaluable tool that all teens should receive.”
Robyn Ewing
Service Delivery Specialist-Program
Girl Scouts of Greater Los Angeles
“We are truly fortunate to have Patti Handy serve as a resource for high achieving students at Charles Helmers Elementary School in Valencia, California. Patti has served as an investment specialist for our GATE Entrepreneur Enrichment classes. Patti was instrumental in helping our students develop a business plan, find investors, market and advertise their products. Patti is able to harness the collective energy of our students to engage them in crafting artful solutions to complex problems. Her enthusiasm and infectious personality cultivate learning and trigger a thirst for success.”
David Riddick
Assistant Principal
Helmers Elementary School

“After hearing Patti talk about the stock market and money management at an after-school program, my 9-year old daughter asked if she could purchase stock with her birthday money. She now tracks ‘her stock’ on a daily basis. It’s amazing that Patti can take what would be a complex subject and make it engaging for even younger school-age children. We are so impressed!”

Adrienne Draheim
“Patti’s common sense approach to money is comforting and easy to understand. With these unstable economic times, I was quickly spiraling into crisis mode. She was able to bring calm into my life, by helping me understand the market and offer sound advice. Patti takes the stress out of finances.”

Karen R.

“Patti Handy has assisted me on a number of occasions. She is a very knowledgeable woman and her financial advice was extremely valuable. She explained everything in detail, weighing the pros and cons, along with providing statistics. Patti wants to help you make the right decisions because she really cares about her clients. She is a pleasure to work with and I recommend her highly. On another note, I was curious about her new program Kidscash and briefly looked at her new site. What a great concept! The more information children are given at a young age will help them to be financially successfully in the future.”

Caryn S.

“Patti is amazing! She goes above and beyond to give you what works best for your situation. She will take the time to answer your questions and makes suggestions for different options. She’s honest, dependable and always makes you feel like you are important. She is an absolute pleasure to do business with.”

Kelly N.

“I love the way you teach me how to save money. After listening to your call, I also started my own business.”

Nicole G. (teenager)

Reviews of Patti’s Book

Everthing a parent wants to teach their children

Bret Wims, ChFC, Financial Consultant, Thrivent Financial for Lutherans

Patti Handy has nailed it. It’s all here, everything a parent wants to (but doesn’t always know how) teach their children about being a good steward of their money. This book should be required reading for every member of the family!”

Written in a conversational and easy-to-understand style

Jane Sanford, Homeschooling Mom and Freelance Writer

An excellent book worth every penny and written in a conversational and easy-to-understand style. I learned as much as my daughter did! This is a MUST READ for anyone who has ever answered the question, “Can I have my allowance?”

I found the book entertaining, educational and enlightening!

Tami Smight, Valencia, CA, http://www.TamiSmightInteriors.com

“I just finished reading this book and felt compelled to share my excitement for this fabulous book! As a loving parent of three kids, I have felt I failed miserably in teaching my kids to be fiscally responsible. Yet, I didn’t know how to go about teaching them about financial health, until now! Patti Handy has written a book that is just what I needed to complete my parenting skills. I found the book entertaining, educational and enlightening! Handy perfectly balances humor with her expertise to provide the reader with information in a manner that is not overwhelming. Her ability to share some much information in a clear concise manner is very effective. I certainly learned things as I read it (bull and bear markets, never knew the definition). The book is easily read by both my 17 year old son, and 14 year old daughter.

What I found the most impressive is the loving messages she extends to her son through the book, which also serve to anyone who reads the book. Because I live with an “attitude of gratitude” I am thrilled to read the passages that impart that philosophy to the reader.

The message that money is not just about the “toys”, and the importance of “giving back” are vital to overall financial health and true inner happiness.

What a powerful tool you have provided us parents who are dedicated to helping our teens prosper. I have tremendous respect and admiration for author Patti Handy!”

Anyone can benefit from this book, no matter what age

Robert Mansour, Esq., Estate Planning Attorney, MansourLaw.com

This is the kind of book I wish I had when I was a kid. The government should automatically hand this book to every teenager, and it should be mandatory reading material in junior high school and every few years thereafter. Frankly, anyone can benefit from this book, no matter what age. Patti’s style is so friendly, and she demystifies what can be an overwhelming subject matter. This material should not be learned haphazardly as most of us tend to learn it. It is so much better to learn these fundamentals well before applying for a credit card or cashing a first paycheck. I certainly learned a thing or two…or three! Patti has a knack for explaining financial concepts like stocks and bonds in such an accessible manner. Near the end of the book, Patti makes it clear that giving back is just as important and taking it in. People are often afraid of dealing with their finances, because no one ever teaches them what to do. This book empowers the reader. A great book at any age.”

Prepare your teens with a solid foundation in Money Smarts

Alexis Martin Neely, Esq. CEO/Founder of Family Wealth Planning Institute

This is one of the best books I have read for educating teens and young adults with money education. Patti does an amazing job of simplifying the, sometimes complicated, world of money. If you want to prepare your teens with a solid foundation in money smarts, this book is a must!”

An ideal guide for young adults

By Midwest Book Review (Oregon, WI USA), October 8, 2009

Age is no barrier to wealth. “How to Ditch Your Allowance & Be Richer Than Your Parents: 9 Wealth Building Tools to make a Teen Rich” is a guide to being an entrepreneurial young man or woman who wants to plan wisely for the future. Explaining such concepts of wise money management, investing, and how to realize that not all debt is bad debt, “How to Ditch Your Allowance & Be Richer Than Your Parents” is an ideal guide for young adults.